Capital accumulation plans: how to save money to carry out your future projects – Loan



Today I will explain to you how to save money to realize your future plans with capital accumulation plans.

Living with serenity and saving money by setting aside small amounts of money, without haste, with installment investments, is the fundamental aspiration in the scale of your priorities?

Then the use of flexible and personalized payment tools will allow you to crown your dreams even if you do not have large amounts of liquidity.

Are capital accumulation plans really functional?


Capital accumulation plans are investment plans in mutual funds. Currently on the market there are the capital accumulation plans (PAC) offered by numerous banking and postal institutions, you just have to choose the one that is right for you.

They are born with the aim of meeting the needs of consumers who, not having immediate liquidity, can resort to the payment by installments and fulfill their debts.

A small amount saved today, a little at a time and for several years will allow you to accumulate capital without great effort and with little sacrifices, without even realizing it.

This form of investment will give you the chance to see your accumulated capital grow over time and be able to use it for yourself or to satisfy a need of your child.

Characteristics and advantages of capital accumulation plans


With this form of investment you no longer have to fear that you will not be able to cope with payments on the due date because you will be able to decide in absolute autonomy and freedom the amount of the sum to be set aside based on your real possibilities and the amount you want to obtain at the end of the payments . In fact the capital accumulation plans are characterized by the high degree of elasticity and customization as they allow you to:

  • decide the amount to invest .
  • change the number of loans , their amount and the frequency that can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or half-yearly at any time and without additional charges.
  • suspend without collecting the accumulated sum to prevent the capital from being devalued over time.
  • stop the plan without paying penalties.
  • reactivate it.
  • make additional payments depending on your economic capacity.
  • request the redemption of the shares subscribed even before the expiration of the Plan, according to the procedures set forth in the Fund Regulations.

One of the main advantages


Is that you can split up your savings into small installments and avoid concentrating your money on a single investment at a time. This is one of the fundamental benefits because it gives you the chance to cope with the volatility, risks, high and low financial markets linked to highly variable prices.

The capital accumulation plans represent profitable and certain investments because they function as risk balancers. They allow in periods of decline of the financial markets to acquire shares of the mutual fund at lower prices so as to balance the average purchase price.

Saving small amounts of money is profitable over a period of time spread over many years. Do you think you can get a considerable sum after 20 years by investing a few euros each month.