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Payday advance direct lenders only: Borrow Online 

With us, you can get payday advance direct lenders only online in less than 15 minutes up to a maximum of $ 300 if it is the first time you apply for one of our loans. If you use our platform responsibly, your level of confidence will increase, so every time you apply for our payday advance direct lenders only online we can offer you a greater amount of money – up to $ 1200 if you are already a customer – and in better conditions.

Astro Finance is an innovative online loan service without payroll in Spain. Now any citizen of Spain over 18 can get their money online almost immediately. To achieve this you only need internet access, either a computer or a mobile phone, and in a few minutes, your loan application will be sent online with Astro Finance.

How can I request loans instantly?

To get the money you need instantly you just have to follow these simple steps.

  • Fill in our website your online application for mini-credit
  • In 1 minute we will let you know if your mini loan is accepted
  • In case your application is approved, we will transfer the money in a short space of time.

Astro Finance uses a unique credit valuation method developed by our experts. Applications can be made through our website, being possible to request a credit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. The average time to complete the online mini loan application is 10 to 15 minutes and you will receive the answer in just 1 minute!

Can I get a loan without payroll?

Using the latest innovations in the field of online lending technologies, Astro Finance offers a new way to get money online without payroll, in 15 minutes via the Internet. You can get your credit fast, once your application is approved you can receive your money by transfer to your bank account, it’s that easy!

Why ask for a loan online from Astro Finance?

Why ask for a loan online from Astro Finance?

  • We trust our customers. The more we collaborate together, the more opportunities you will have: more microloans, more time to pay it back and less interest rate! With the possibility of obtaining a daily interest of 0.65%.
  • Available to all citizens of Spain for 18 years. Fast mini-credits can be obtained in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Seville and other cities in Spain. Even people who are outside of Spain on vacation can get immediate credit.
  • Quick and easy microcredit application. No need to leave home. All you need is a device with Internet access and a mobile phone.
  • We do not need any original document or paper copies. When applying for a mini-credit online it is not necessary to send payroll or other documents. Our unique system is able to recognize the borrower without additional papers! In our case, it is possible to get quick mini-credits with credit institutions.
  • Do you need fast money? The registration procedure for a mini-loan takes 5 to 10 minutes. The answer is released after registering to get one of the immediate mini loans.
  • It is safe. All data is protected by security protocols. We have all the necessary licenses and technology so that our clients can sleep peacefully and not worry about the security of their data.
  • We reward our customers. Astro Finance offers its clients a special bonus program, through which the fifth microloan can be obtained with really low-interest rates. All you need to be part of the Astro Finance loyalty program is a) Request your credit urgently and return it within the deadline that has been requested b) Get points by inviting your friends and recommending Astro Finance in your social media accounts.
  • Opportunity to extend the loan. You haven’t calculated your balance and you don’t have time to pay the loan? Use the extension for your online loan.
  • We take care of our customers. Our borrowers are satisfied with our fast paperless loan service and for Astro Finance the satisfaction of our clients is our priority and the success obtained our greatest pride. Astro Finance works for you.
  • Paperless loans from any device. You can get urgent money from any device connected to the Internet, be it a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet.
  • Astro Finance is a serious company. We are an online mini-credit institution that has all the necessary licenses to comply with the legislation of Spain. In Astro Finance you won’t have to force the view; There is no small print. We strictly and seriously comply with Spanish and European legislation and update our conditions and policies to the current regulatory reality.

When can it be useful to apply for a loan online?

Online loans can be very useful when we have to face some unforeseen expenses of a punctual nature, which may jeopardize the stability of our personal finances, such as, for example, the repair of a car breakdown, the payment of fine traffic or replacing an old appliance with a new one.

In all the above situations, a mini-loan can help us in the absence of liquidity.

For other cases, such as buying luxury goods or unnecessary whims, the use of mini-loans is not recommended, because, we are likely to have difficulties in repaying the amount of the fast credit, by wasting the urgent money we request in unnecessary things and goods.

Can I return my first installment loan?

With Astro Finance yes! Unlike the rest of the competitors, Astro Finance offers the possibility to its new clients to request a loan for the first time to be repaid in 62 days, instead of 30. By splitting the payment into two monthly installments, instead of having to repay it in one installment. time.

In addition, there are extensions and options to defer payment within the reach of customers, which allows them to get additional time to fulfill their contractual obligations.

My ID has expired, can I get a loan?

With the expired ID, it is not possible to get an urgent Astro Finance microloan. In order to apply for a loan on the Astro Finance website, it is essential that your National Identity Document be valid as of the current date and is not expired. In this way, we can verify your identity, when granting you the loan.

The 3 most frequently asked questions when requesting a quick mini-loan:

Can I apply for a loan while in credit institutions?

Yes, in Astro Finance it is possible to apply for loans if you are on a delinquent list. The reason, in many cases, there are people who appear in registers and delinquent listings for debts of small amounts that have already paid off, but the creditor forgot to cancel them in the file.

Is it possible to borrow online on weekends?

Yes! In Astro Finance you have the option of requesting a loan at any time of the day, for seven days a week. Although it is true, that on weekends banks do not process transfers, so you are likely to receive the money on Monday morning. Remember to check with your bank how fast they process payments and transfers.

Why don’t you grant me my loan?

If you have applied for a loan on the Astro Finance website and your application has been rejected. It is likely that you have not completed the application correctly or that you appear in a register or list of delinquencies for any debt incurred. Our system analyzes a series of variables at the moment, to give you an immediate response.

Increase the probability of getting a loan

Did you know that it is possible to increase the probability of getting a mini-credit online? The main way to increase the options of obtaining a loan is to use your online banking to verify your identity in the application process.

In the “Instantor” tab, just select your bank and enter your online banking account, wait a couple of minutes to check the data and you will go to the next step.